Aaron and Associates offers a full suite of direct marketing programs and services
Adds major value and productivity to your existing customer and prospect databases

Aaron & Associates offers a variety of value-added Data Enhancement services that are designed to take your direct marketing efforts to a more precise level.  By enriching your existing data with detailed demographic, behavioral, and transactional attributes, you can gain a deeper understanding of a consumer's characteristics and preferences.  This will enable you to:

- Define key characteristics of your best, most profitable customers
- Predict the likelihood of future behavior and purchasing trends
- Identify the best prospects in your marketing database for each offer

Aaron & Associates' databases offer over 2000 selectable data elements for unparalleled enhancement options.  By combining our data with our progressive enhancement processes, we will turn your customer and prospect databases into a powerfully productive marketing resource. 

We offer the following Data Enhancement services:

This is the grand-daddy of all enhancements, allowing you to choose from over 2000 data elements* spanning virtually every demographic, behavioral, lifestyle, and transaction category.  This is a great way to add an abundance of useful details to your internal data.

Add the most accurate and current consumer and business telephone numbers to your lists.  Our phone data is compiled from a multitude of sources and is updated frequently. All consumer phone numbers will be DNC scrubbed and phones will be coded as "OK to Call" or "Do Not Call".

Through our advanced matching process, we will help you build a more comprehensive contact database by turning telephone numbers or e-mail addresses into complete, deliverable name and address records.

By matching your database against our Business file, we can append valuable data elements to your information.  Whether you need the Owner's name, the # of employees, the sales revenue, the address & phone, or any other business demographics, this is the perfect way to fill in the holes within your business contact records.

We can periodically scrub your prospect lists against the Federal Do Not Call Registry to ensure that your company remains compliant.  Regardless of whether you originally purchased the list from Aaron & Associates, from another vendor, or if it's from your own lead generation program, we will make certain that your consumer telephone lists are always clean.  The FTC fines are substantial and it's not worth taking any unnecessary risks.  Aaron & Associates will give you an ironclad "safe harbor" guarantee.

Our newest enhancement service provide retail marketers with a huge advantage.  We match "customer name and zip code" information captured at the point of sale against our multitude of databases and provide you with full contact records for follow-up marketing purposes.  This process can also be used to append additional demographic, lifestyle, and purchase indicators.

*For the Information Append, a complete listing of consumer and business data elements is available upon request.

Please contact us with any questions, or for a "customized price quote" on your next data append campaign.

Appended list files are formatted to each client's specifications and are fully compatible with all standard CRM systems, spreadsheets, mapping software, and mailing label programs.

We offer affordable pricing for small to medium volume quantities, and extremely competitive rates for high-volume clients and list resellers.  Pricing contracts are available based on volume and term.

Automatically included at no-charge as part of our data append service:
Accuracy Guarantee
Expedited order turnaround
Data exclusivity
Safe Harbor Guarantee on all phone #'s scrubbed against the DNC List
Unlimited file backup service for all database files ordered through Aaron & Associates
Prior orders suppressed against all new orders
Expert marketing consultation based on 25+ years industry experience

Aaron & Associates is your one-stop, full-service solution
for targeted marketing lists, programs, and services.

  Call 800-470-LIST for a FREE consultation, or contact us for a quote.

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