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Your foundation for a profitable CRM system

A company's
customer database can be its most valuable asset when used properly for customer retention and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). However, it's a common tale that many companies suffer from ongoing data erosion within their existing customer base.  Losing the ability to cross-sell to valuable customers due to inaccurate internal information is an often hidden liability that stagnates potential growth within numerous businesses. 

There is a simple solution.  Through Aaron & Associates' Customer Data Integration (CDI) Program your customer database will always have the world class data quality needed to fuel the most optimized CRM system.

Aaron & Associates' CDI Program is built on ground-breaking data management and integration technology, which provides companies with an unmatched ability to seamlessly update and integrate customer information across multiple channels.

Our CDI Program is a comprehensive data quality process that meticulously enhances your data through various methodologies. 
During this process, we combine a full suite of United States Postal Service programs with our proprietary data quality solutions in order to maximize results and dramatically reduce communication expenditures.

Aaron & Associates incorporates the following processes for all CDI Programs:

- Identify your accurate, deliverable addresses

- Correct/Update inaccurate addresses

- Append Zip+4, Delivery Point Barcode, and Carrier Route to your address data in order to meet postal regulations
- Processed through USPS National Change of Address (NCOA)

- Processed through Locatable Address Conversion System National (LACS)

- Matched against Aaron & Associates proprietary change-of-address information
- Typically, client files start with 4-10 percent duplication that goes undetected in routine data maintenance

- Duplicates are identified and can be removed on an individual, household, address, or business level

- 20 different duplication levels within the above 4 groups are available for identification
Aaron & Associates' Customer Data Integration Program allows you to accurately manage your customer data, enabling your company to provide your customers with a more personalized and consistent experience.

Please contact us with any questions, or for a "customized price quote" on our Customer Data Integration Program. 
We offer flexible pricing options for programs of all sizes.


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