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The foundation for exceptional direct marketing results

Through our unique blend of advanced technology partners and proprietary data sources, Aaron & Associates delivers results above and beyond the vast majority of list processing providers.  When investing significant time, effort, and budget into direct mail campaigns, your offer should reach customers and prospects in a timely, cost-effective manner.

List processing pays for itself many times over.  Our experience demonstrates this to be true even for high volume mailers that eliminate as little as one percent of their database.  A thorough, optimized list processing campaign can save mailers tens of thousands of dollars per year in advertising expenses simply by removing valid duplicates, bad addresses, and by structuring the mailing to ensure the lowest postage rates.

Our list processing services include everything you need to make your offer economical and efficient, including the following:


File conversion
Address coding, verification, and standardization services
Apartment address verification and suppression
Prison and deceased record suppression
Change of address services - includes NCOA, DSF2, and LACS processing
Final address audit

Precise duplicate identification logic
Powerful matching logic
Flexible client customization
Suppression of client's in-house files
Suppression of "do not mail" records (DMA file and customer in-house file)
Prison and deceased record suppression
Multi-divisional company merge/purge available
Final merge/purge report provided for market analysis

Significant reduction on postage
Enhance mail deliverabilty
Performance optimization
Merge multiple mailings into a single cost-effective mail drop
Walk sequence sorting
Accurate presort for high density & saturation mailers ensures maximum savings
Access to additional qualified mailing records to meet postal quantity discount levels
Personalization and value-added output services are also available
Aaron & Associates' List Processing services ensure that your company will realize significant savings by processing your housefile before your next mailing campaign.

Please contact us with any questions, or for a "customized price quote" on any of our List Processing services. 
We offer flexible pricing options for programs of all sizes.


                OTHER PROGRAMS & SERVICES:

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Aaron & Associates is your one-stop, full-service solution
for targeted marketing lists, programs, and services.

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