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Through our Consumer Lender Network (CLN) division, we offer updated residential mortgage data on over 35 million homeowners.  The information on this file derives from Grant and Warranty Deed public filings and is primarily compiled from County Recorder's offices nationwide.  This file is perfectly suited for the current mortgage climate, making it easy to offer Reverse Mortgages, Refinances, and FHA/VA/Conventional Streamlines to qualified homeowners.  The CLN Mortgage File is also ideal for other industry targeted offers, such as PMI Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Home Improvement, Home Security, and other home-related services. 

The information on this CLN database can be combined with demographic selections (Age, Income, etc) from the Aaron Consumer File to further enhance targeting potential.

Mortgage File Selection Criteria includes (but is not limited to):

• Purchase Price
Original Loan Date
Original Loan Amount
Original LTV
Est. Current LTV                
Est. Current Loan Balance
FHA Loans     
VA Loans
Conventional Loans
Fixed Rate
Prevailing Interest Rate
Lender Name        
• Est. Monthly Payment
New or Previously Owned
Mortgage Term
Refinance Loan Amt, Date, Type
Est. Current Home Value
Down Payment %
• Equity Loan Amt, Date, Type
Est. Current Home Equity
• # of Rooms • Length of Residence Homeowner Credit Data*
• Homeowner Age
• Homeowner Income
• Phone # (DNC scrubbed)

*Credit data selected through the CLN Mortgage File is "modeled" credit, which is estimated information based on various predictive elements.  We offer a separate file for exact pre-qualified credit-scored leads, available to companies that extend a firm offer of credit to the consumer.  For more information , please visit our Credit Bureau Database.

All Mortgage lists are guaranteed for accuracy and are developed on demand for each client based on the specific demographic and geographical requirements.  Our Data Pledge

Mortgage list files are formatted to each client's specifications and are fully compatible with all standard CRM systems, spreadsheets, mapping software, and mailing label programs.

We offer affordable pricing for small to medium volume quantities, and extremely competitive rates for high-volume clients and list resellers.  Pricing contracts are available based on volume and term.

Automatically included at no-charge as part of our service:
Accuracy Guarantee
Expedited order turnaround
Data exclusivity within client's company
✔ Safe Harbor Guarantee on all phone #'s scrubbed against the DNC list
Unlimited file backup service for all database files ordered through Aaron & Associates
Prior orders suppressed against all new orders
Expert marketing consultation based on 25+ years industry experience

Aaron & Associates is your one-stop, full-service solution
for targeted marketing lists, programs, and services.

  Call 800-470-LIST for a FREE consultation, or contact us for a quote.

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