Aaron and Associates offers a full suite of direct marketing programs and services

Aaron & Associates will always implement the highest possible data industry "confidence levels" for all criteria selections, and the most stringent standards for mailing address accuracy and phone connectivity. 

Our clients typically report our Consumer file mailing addresses to be over 97% accurate (when mailed within the first 30 days).  Our Business file mailing addresses are reported to be within an 85-90% range of accuracy (when mailed within the first 30 days).  These ratios are both well above industry standards.  In good faith, Aaron & Associates will automatically add extra records to client list orders to compensate for the anticipated ratios noted above.

We use multiple sources to confirm data and our lead prospects will always feature comprehensive information.

Aaron & Associates will always fully comply with all Federal, State, and Wireless Do Not Call laws, along with all other marketing-related privacy laws.  

Although it's difficult to achieve 100% perfection, we strongly believe (based on detailed client feedback) that we provide the most accurate, efficient, and user-friendly marketing list files in the industry.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions relating to our data.  We always work hard to improve the overall quality and consistency of our information. 

800-470-LIST (5478)

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