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Ideal for highly-targeted consumer product and service offerings

With self-reported lifestyle, behavioral, and buyer data on over 50 million US households, the Aaron Response File delivers responsive, highly qualified prospects in over 1000 categories.  This prolific file is generated from surveys completed by consumers who share information about their purchase habits, interests, lifestyles, hobbies, leisure activities, health, product usage, brand preferences, and financial goals.  With this valuable knowledge in hand, marketers can more efficiently profile new prospects and dramatically improve campaign ROI.

Aaron & Associates uses the following distribution channels to capture consumer information for the Aaron Response File:

Printed Surveys
Online Surveys/Registration
Direct Mail Inserts
Magazine/Newspaper Inserts
Package Inserts for Catalog Orders
There are over 1000 Response File categories*.  Multiple categories can be selected for one list.   The information on the Aaron Response File can be combined with demographic selections (Age, Income, etc) from the Aaron Consumer File to further enhance targeting potential.

The following listing of general Response File categories can be further segmented into more specific groups within each category. Many of these groupings can be targeted by "type" (i.e Pet Owners - Dog), or by "brand" (i.e Beverage - Gatorade):

• Affluent Lifestyle
• Ailments - Type     
• Alcohol - Type/Brand
• Arts/Antiques
• Astrology Interest
• Automobile/Automotive
• Beauty Care - Type/Brand
• Beverage - Type/Brand
• Boating Enthusiasts
• Book/Magazine Buyers
• Casino Gamblers
• Cell Phone Products
• Charitable Donors - Type
• Children Products
• Clothing/Shoes Buyers
• Club Affiliation - Type • Collectibles - Type
• Computer/Tech Products
• Contact Lens Wearers
• Crafts Interest
• Credit Card Holders - Type
• Credit Card - Premium
• Cultural Arts Interest
• Do-It-Yourselfer
• DVD/Video Buyers
• Electronics Products
• Fitness Enthusiasts
• Food - Type/Brand
• Gardening Interest
• Gift Buyers
• Golf Enthusiasts
• Gourmet Cooking
• Healthy Lifestyle 
• Hobbies/Interests - Type
• Home Decorating
• Home Entertainment/TV
• Household Products
• Internet Products
• Investors - Type
• Jewelry Buyers
• Magazines - Type
• Mail Order Buyers
• Medication - Brand
• Military - Active
• Military - Inactive
• Mortgage/Loan Interest
• Music/Video Buyers
• Music Interest - Type
• Online Banking
• Online Education
• Online Investing
• Online Travel
• Outdoors Enthusiast
• Pet Owners - Type
• Photography Interest • Politics Interest/Party
• Prefers Info - Direct Mail
• Prefers Info - E-mail
• Prefers Info - Phone
• Prefers Info - Website
• Prescription Drug User
• Purchases Online
• Purchases via Phone
• Purchases via TV
• Reading - Type
• Religious Interest
• Self-Improvement • Shoppers - Type • Skiing Enthusiast
• Smokers
• Social Causes - Type
• Sports Enthusiasts - Type
• Sweepstakes/Gamblers • Travel - Business
• Travel - Cruise
Travel - Domestic • Travel - International • Travel - RV
• Travel - Timeshare • Vehicle - Lease • Vehicle - Type
• Vision Products • Volunteers • Weight Loss/Diet Products

*The complete breakdown of targeted selections within a specific response category is available upon request.

Monthly Hotline respondents are available to ensure access to the freshest possible prospects for your marketing campaign.

Phone Numbers are available and will be fully DNC scrubbed and compliant.

Target the Response File Geographically by:

• Zip Code County SCF Metro Area (CBSA) State Entire US Area Code
Carrier Route Street Radius Distance in Miles Longitude & Latitude

We offer very competitive pricing for small to medium quantity levels, and excellent rates for high volume clients.  Pricing contracts are available based on volume and term.

Please contact us with any questions, or for a "customized list count/price quote" based on selections from the Aaron Response File. 


All lists are guaranteed for accuracy and are developed on demand for each client based on the specific demographic and geographical requirements. 

List files are formatted to each client's specifications and are fully compatible with all standard CRM systems, spreadsheets, mapping software, and mailing label programs.

Automatically included at no-charge as part of our service:
Expedited order turnaround
Data exclusivity within client's company
Path of Compliance guarantee on all phone #'s scrubbed against the DNC List
Unlimited file backup service for all database files ordered through Aaron & Associates
Prior orders suppressed against all new orders
Expert marketing consultation based on 20+ years industry experience

Aaron & Associates is your one-stop solution
for highly responsive direct marketing lists. 

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    List Advisors will always implement the highest possible data industry confidence levels for all criteria selections, and the most stringent standards for mailing address accuracy and phone connectivity. We will always fully comply with all Federal, State, and Wireless Do Not Call laws, along with all other marketing-related privacy laws.  

    We will always work to improve the overall quality and consistency of our information.  Although it's difficult to achieve 100% perfection, we strongly believe (based on extensive customer feedback) that we provide the most accurate, efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly marketing list files in the industry.

    -List Advisors, 2013
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