Aaron and Associates offers a full suite of direct marketing programs and services

Aaron & Associates Online Media provides fully compliant opt-in e-mail databases that enable marketers to run end-to-end e-mail lead campaigns in the consumer and business marketplace.  Our many diverse online advertising partnerships ensure that e-mail messages are accurately delivered to the most responsive prospects.

All e-mail marketing campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant and include consultation, creative testing, targeted opt-in e-mail list rental, deployment, and complete tracking and analytical services.  

Here is how our opt-in e-mail program works:

We consult with you on campaign development, ad copy, strategies, goals, timelines, and targeted list options.  We help plan a customized marketing campaign designed to achieve maximum results.

We fully analyze your ad copy/creative design and make editing suggestions, if applicable.  As an alternative, you can provide us with your message copy and our creative team will craft a professional, graphic-rich version designed to be an eye-catching response generator.

Based on your target market and geographical scope, we will select the ideal list for your campaign.  Our program offers access to millions of current e-mail respondents, in a multitude of categories, all of whom opted-in (granted permission) to receive information via e-mail from marketers. 

We also give you the opportunity to purchase the opt-in recipient's postal address, in case you want to follow-up through other marketing channels.  Following up with a direct mail piece and/or telephone call has proven to dramatically increase overall response rates.

Our main opt-in e-mail databases are:

Once your target list group is in place, and your creative piece, subject line, and display name are finalized, we will send you test versions of the e-mail to make sure that all graphics and links are setup properly.  Revisions can then be implemented, if necessary.  Once the test is approved, a deployment date will be officially scheduled. 

On the scheduled deployment date, your approved e-mail message is sent to
your pre-selected list of customized recipients.  Your own e-mail address can be seeded onto the final master list, so that you will receive a copy of the official deployment.  Most of our clients start seeing results almost immediately.

Our online tracking system enables you to simply and securely track the results of each e-mail campaign
Our system features make it easy to
analyze response ratios (open rates, click-through, etc) and evaluate the success of your campaign as it progresses. 

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Dramatically increase advertising ROI & drive higher conversion rates in real-time 

According to a recent study, for the first time in U.S. history marketers are projected to spend more on online advertising than on advertising in print magazines and newspapers.

Aaron & Associates Online Media now offers Savvy Audience, a progressive end-to-end display advertising platform that reaches a targeted audience through relevant customized online ad placement.  Through Aaron & Associates' expansive media partnership network, Savvy Audience enables advertisers to bring the precision of direct marketing to the highly visible digital advertising world.  Our advanced real-time tracking technology provides ongoing analysis and helps facilitate continuous campaign optimization.

Savvy Audience offers 3 flexible programs for providing premium online content to your ideal addressable consumer audience:

1) DIRECT CONNECT - We tailor your online advertising to reach consumers who reside in your existing customer and/or prospect databases.  Ideal for cross-selling, up-selling, and building brand awareness.

EXACT TARGET - You select pre-defined, high-value
Aaron & Associates data attributes and then we connect your online ads to consumers who fit your exact demographic and geographic specifications.  Ideal for lead generation, new customer acquisition, and building brand awareness.  Visit the following Aaron & Associates databases for a listing of potential data attributes that we can implement into your "Exact Target" online display advertising program:

Consumer File  •  Response File  •  Investor File  •  Mortgage File

MIRROR TARGET - We build a predictive model designed specifically for your business
and then we connect your online ads to consumers who match the precise model.  Ideal for lead generation, new customer acquisition, and building brand awareness.

Target all Online Ad Campaigns Geographically by:
Zip Code
County SCF Metro Area State Entire US Radius

Additional features and benefits of the Savvy Audience online ad program:

Backed by a multi-million dollar media buying program that specializes in custom online ad placement for an addressable audience
Fully compatible data integration capabilities within all Aaron & Associates consumer databases
Fully compatible data integration capabilities within client databases
Ability to filter out existing customers on new acquisition campaigns reduces wasted ad expenditure and improves conversion rates
High-tech tracking is programmed for optimization (i.e. different display ads can be placed within a single campaign and our system metrics will automatically adjust the campaign to focus on the ads that are performing the best)
Real-time tracking enables advertisers to know which consumers click on each ad, and which consumers fill out their website forms
Re-targeting capabilities allow us to continue advertising to "shoppers" who click-though to your website, but don't fill out any information. These identifiable prospects often respond to repetition strategy.
Response analysis ties ad spend to incremental purchases, providing the measurable return on investment needed to re-invest in successive online ad campaigns
Savvy Audience provides powerful, end-to-end addressable online advertising capabilities in one easy-to-use platform that combines planning, targeting, and optimization with intuitive reporting and measurement services.