Aaron and Associates offers a full suite of direct marketing programs and services
E-mail has easily proven to be the most immediate, inexpensive, and effective way to directly communicate with your prospects!  

Our growing partnership with a vast network of online advertisers now enables us to add opt-in e-mail addresses to your Aaron & Associates Homeowner lists (both new lists and prior lists).  Our new validation system also ensures that you will receive the highest possible percentage of accurate e-mail addresses. 

Upon request, we will provide the EXACT match rate for you, along with a price quote, and then you can decide if you want to add the validated e-mail addresses to your list files. 

We also give you the opportunity to purchase the opt-in recipient's postal address, in case you want to follow-up through other marketing channels.  Following up with a direct mail piece and/or telephone call has proven to dramatically increase overall response rates.

Our main opt-in e-mail databases are:

File # AA-801: AARON OPT-IN E-MAIL CONSUMER DATABASE - mirrors the selections available on the Aaron Consumer File (such as Age, Income, Interests, etc) - postal addresses and phone #'s are available in addition to our e-mail deployment

- mirrors the selections available on the Aaron Business File (such as Business Owners, Industry, Revenue, etc) - postal addresses and phone #'s are available in addition to our e-mail deployment.

Along with the matched e-mail addresses, we also include a FREE proprietary Aaron & Associates tip sheet titled "Specifications and Guidelines for a Successful and Compliant E-mail Campaign".  This mini-guide will help increase your deliverabilty and also provides suggestions that will help drive better results.

✔ Provides a new channel of communication with prospective clients
✔ Expands # of "new client" accounts
✔ Improves ROI for time-sensitive offers
✔ Ideal for follow-up on other communication, such as direct mailers, and telephone calls
✔ Perfect for website and social media promotion, introducing potential clients to new products, special offers, and service solutions
✔ You own the matched/validated e-mail records and can deploy e-mails to your list as often as you want.
✔ No run charges or setup fees. You only pay for matched records.

E-mail addresses are added to your list file as a new field per your exact formatting specifications.

Edward Jones FA's receive preferred pricing for this opt-in e-mail append program.  Additional discounts are applied when e-mails are matched to multiple lists at once (ideal for matching e-mails to your NEW lists and your PRIOR lists).

Please contact us with any questions, or for an "e-mail address" count and price quote.

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