Aaron and Associates offers a full suite of direct marketing programs and services
Features dozens of niche groups and hard-to-find lists

Our variety of diversified specialty files allow marketers to focus on highly refined target groups, professions, and niche markets with selective precision and pinpoint accuracy.

Additional demographics from the Aaron Consumer File and Aaron Business File can be combined for many of these specialty lists.

If you are interested in a specialty file that is not listed on this page (or elsewhere on our website), please let us know and we will promptly research your request.

Consumer and Business Specialty File categories include:

File AA-901: New Movers
File AA-902: New Homeowners
File AA-903: Renters
File AA-904: New Parents (prenatal)
File AA-905: New Parents (postnatal)
File AA-906: Recently Married
File AA-907: Frequent Travelers
File AA-908: Time Share Owners
File AA-909: Real Estate Investors
File AA-910: Multimillionaires
File AA-911: Young Adult Millionaires
File AA-912: Yacht Owners
File AA-913: Airplane Owners
File AA-914: Auto Owners
File AA-915: Doctors at Home
File AA-916: Nurses at Home
File AA-917: Teachers at Home
File AA-918: Political Donors
File AA-919: Political Affiliation
File AA-920: Registered Voters
File AA-921: High School Students by Class Year
File AA-922: College Students by Class Year
File AA-923: College Graduates
File AA-924: Adults by Education Level
File AA-925: Military Veterans
File AA-926: Late Pay Homeowners
File AA-927: Bad Credit
File AA-928: Bankruptcies
File AA-929: Ethnic by Surname
File AA-930: Ethnic by Language
File AA-931: Ethnic by Country of Origin
File AA-932: Ethnic by Religion
File AA-933: Families w/ Children (by Age Range)
File AA-934: Turning 65 by Month
File AA-935: Retirees
File AA-936: Senior Market
File AA-937: Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964)
File AA-938: Generation X (born 1965-1981)
File AA-939: Generation Y (born 1982-1993)
File AA-940: Young Adult Millennials (born 1982-1997)
    Phones are available on all consumer specialty lists
    and will be fully DNC scrubbed and compliant.

    File AA-950: Brand New Businesses
    File AA-951: Home-Based Businesses
    File AA-952: Small Business Owners
    File AA-953: Female Owned Businesses
    File AA-954: Female Executives
    File AA-955: Minority-Owned Businesses
    File AA-956: Fortune 500 Companies
    File AA-957: Fortune 1000 Companies
    File AA-958: Professionals
    File AA-959: Doctors at Work
    File AA-960: Hospitals
    File AA-961: Schools
    File AA-962: Colleges/Universities
    File AA-963: Churches
    File AA-964: Attorneys
    File AA-965: Banks
    File AA-966: Insurance Agents
    File AA-967: Manufacturing Companies
    File AA-968: Wholesalers
    File AA-969: Franchises
    File AA-970: Farmers (by Farm Size)
    File AA-971: Government

    Phones are available on all business specialty lists

    and consumer DNC laws do not apply.


    All Specialty lists are guaranteed for accuracy and are developed on demand for each client based on the specific demographic and geographical requirements.  Our Data Pledge 

    Specialty list files are formatted to each client's specifications and are fully compatible with all standard CRM systems, spreadsheets, mapping software, and mailing label programs.

    We offer affordable pricing for small to medium volume quantities, and extremely competitive rates for high-volume clients and list resellers.  Pricing contracts are available based on volume and term.

    Automatically included at no-charge as part of our service:
    Accuracy Guarantee
    Expedited order turnaround
    Data exclusivity within client's company
    ✔ Safe Harbor Guarantee on all phone #'s scrubbed against the DNC list
    Unlimited file backup service for all database files ordered through Aaron & Associates
    Prior orders suppressed against all new orders
    Expert marketing consultation based on 25+ years industry experience

    Aaron & Associates is your one-stop, full-service solution
    for targeted marketing lists, programs, and services.

      Call 800-470-LIST for a FREE consultation, or contact us for a quote.

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